Questions to the EC 22 Directors

①What is your name?
②Position at EC
③Home Town/Place(s)
④What do you do now?
⑤Who's your favorite character in bible?
⑥The goal you want to achieve before EC23 starts?
⑦A word to the participants

Intro Video (Japanese)

①Daisuke Tsuchida
②Excective Director
③Born in Yamagata Pref. Raised in Yamagata and Miyagi Pref.
④JCFN North America staff (Atlanta)
⑤Joseph, the son of Jacob. I can't have that much patience!
⑥I want EC23 directors to be like a family!
⑦I am so excited to see you all!!

IMG 0624 1 Maina Sato

Intro Video (Japanese)

①Natsumi Iwamoto
②Plenary Session Director
③Yamanashi Pref. which is famous for a mineral water from Suntory Inc.
④InterVarsity staff in college in Wisconsin from this fall!
⑤Daniel. I love how he followed God alone in attacks and trials.
⑥Three Japanese international students are coming to campus. I want to do bible study with them and let them know God's love.
⑦I am looking forward to experience the love of our God, TAKUMI!



Intro Video (Japanese) 

①Takako Narcisa
②HR Director
③Born and raised in Gifu Pref.
④Wife in Las Vegas
⑥I want to exercise every day.
⑦I am so excited as one of the participants! Spending time with God and God's family is so much fun! Let's finish 2023 together!


IMG 3880 Original Otsuka Shin

Intro Video (Japanese)

①Yuya Ono
②Inductive Bible Study Director
③Born and raised in Yamaguchi, spent my college years in Osaka.
④Studying New Testament in seminary in California.
⑤A woman from Luke7:36-50
⑥It would be great if I could finish my master's thesis....
⑦I am sure that God has plan for EC23. I am looking forward to seeing you!


 IMG 8793 Moe Higa

Intro Video (Japanese)

①Hiyori Nishimura
②Prayer Director
③Nagoya City, Aichi Pref.
④Going to grad school to study counseling in New York, and leading a ministry for Japanese international students.
⑤Barnabus, son of consolation
⑥To take at least one day in a week as my sabbath to receive God's grace.
⑦I am praying so God would pour Shalom onto EC23. Let's seek the plan that God already has, and experience His blessing!


IMG 9627 Furuya Shiori

Intro Video (Japanese)

①Masashi Obi
②Returnee Program Director
③Numata City, Gunma Pref.
④Going to seminary in Chiba Pref.
⑤I focus David recently.
⑥To be able to worship and pray in Korean for I am working for Korean church.
⑦I believe God will send many souls to EC from Japan!


nVNsP79JTuyjNixpvBCXKg thumb 501f Aogu Suzuki

Intro Video (Japanese)

①Hiromu Tsuchida
②Small Group Director
③Akita City, Akita Pref.
④Living in Atlanta. Wife of JCFN North America staff, mother of three pleasant girls.
⑥I want God to help me becoming a bigger and stronger vessel who follows Jesus. And stay healthy so I don't get Covid.
⑦I am praying so each one of you can taste the Lord's grace and mercy in the small group time. I seek to experience God's love in this EC!



Intro Video (Japanese)

①Esther Kamura
②Seeker's Director
③Okinawa Pref
④Working as a recruiter for a Japanese company in San Diego.
⑥I want to become a morning person.
⑦We have a program for seekers this year as well! If you know someone who seeks God, please please let them know about EC! Spend time together and know that living as christian is free and fun!

kana lopez2

Intro Video (Japanese) 

①Mana Taniguchi
②Worship Director
③Born in Nagoya, raised in Calgary, Canada
④Working as a Piano/Art teacher, Translator, and Japanese restaurant worker.
⑤A centurion
⑥Reading bible and making my bed every day.
⑦Join us! I am so excited to see you, to unite and celebrate our creator, TAKUMI, through worship!


IMG 0718 Yuki Hata

Intro Video (Japanese)

①Akane Otsuka
②PR Director
④Working as a Social media marketer in Los Angeles
⑤Joseph, who always worked faithfully to God.
⑥I want to finish reading Psalms. And I want to lose weight.
⑦You'll see your friends in faith, pray each other, and enjoy God at EC! Join us! Please follow us on Instagram →@equipper_jcfn



Intro Video

①Manami Seki
②Youth Director
④Leading Youth Ministry in Los Angeles
⑥Know what purpose Takumi, God has in me, and how He wants to use me.
⑦Hey Youth! God is calling you all to EC23! I am excited to see you too!

IMG 0460 Matthew Barany

Intro Video (Japanese)

①Tommy Morse
②English Program Director
③Torrance, CA
④Youth Director at Gardena Valley Baptist Church
⑥I want to finish my online portrait drawing class before EC!
⑦I’m looking forward to meeting you, and hearing your heart for Japan!