Questions to the EC 22 Directors

①What is your name?
②Position at EC
③Home Town/Place(s) you were brought up
④What are you doing right now?
⑤What did you want to be when you were little?
⑥What do you expect God to do through EC22?
⑦A word to the participants

IMG 0927 Kristine Reddington

Intro Video (Japanese)

Daisuke Tsuchida
②Excective Director
③Yamagata Pref.
④JCFN North America staff (Atlanta)
⑤I wanted to drive around in a police car as an officer.
⑥That every one of you discover God again!
⑦I am so excited to see you all.(^_^)

IMG 0624 1 Maina Sato

Intro Video (Japanese)

Mami Strasser-Tsutada
②Plenary Session Director
③Born in Taiwan, raised in Ibaraki, Philippines, and Saitama
④Studying Master of Theology in Seminary, and for the license for marriage counseling
⑤Pastor or Missionary
⑥I am looking forward to meeting Jesus, the unshakable God, worshiping in Japanese, loving and encouraging each other with everyone!
⑦Let's create a NEW EC with our Lord! So excited to see every one of you!



Intro Video (Japanese) 

Takako Narcisa
②HR Director
③Ibigawa City, Gifu Pref. (Nobody knows)
④Working for a marketing company in Las Vegas
⑤I loved Little Mermaid from Disney so much that I really wanted to become a mermaid. LOL
⑥Seeing people and reunion. Also, I am excited about countdown worship because I know it's just so fun!!
⑦Everyone, come to ec!! We are excited to welcome you to see how God will speak to every one of you!


IMG 3880 Original Otsuka Shin

Intro Video (Japanese)

Sho Ishizaka
②Inductive Bible Study Director
③Born in Sapporo City and raised in Tokyo. I would get scolded by Hokkaido people every time I say I am from Hokkaido. LOL
④Serving for International Christian Church in Dallas, Texas, as Pastoral Internas Pastoral Intern. I am going to go to Dallas Theological Seminary to study Master of Theology in August.
⑤Airplane pilot
⑥I am looking forward to learning God's words and having fellowship with everyone.
⑦I am a director, but I am still one of the participants! Let's read God's words, pray and chat together until late at night!!


 IMG 8793 Moe Higa

Intro Video (Japanese)

Hiyori Nishimura
②Prayer Director
③Nagoya City, Aichi Pref.
④Going to grad school to study mental health counseling in New York, and leading a ministry, called IPPUKU NYC, for Japanese international students.
⑤I wanted to become a Manga artist since I loved drawing. LOL
⑥That we will learn and proclaim that we shall never be shaken when we are on the firm foundation, which is God. I also am looking forward to experiencing a living relationship with God and the overflowing joy.
⑦I think it's because EC22's theme is "Foundation," that I am currently going through a trial(Challenge of grace from God) of being shaken, however, I am excited that God will shake off unnecessaries from me to lead me to proclaim "I only need Jesus!" at ec. Everyone, please come to  EC~!


IMG 9627 Furuya Shiori

Intro Video (Japanese)

Masashi Obi
②Returnee Program Director
③Numata City, Gunma Pref.
④Going to seminary in Chiba Pref.
⑤An astronaut, a scientist
⑥New encounter and reunion!
⑦How is your foundation? Is it shaken? Is it stable? TELL ME~~~!!!! (Sorry, it was not like me.) Let's put our hope on God's new miracle that will happen in a new place.


nVNsP79JTuyjNixpvBCXKg thumb 501f Aogu Suzuki

Intro Video (Japanese)

Hiromu Tsuchida
②Small Group Director
③Akita City, Akita Pref.
④Living in Atlanta. Wife of JCFN North America staff, mother of three pleasant girls.
⑤A dentist
⑥That God would touch and speak to the deep down inside of hearts of every one of you.
⑦Let's enjoy God's deep love that would flow within EC22!



Intro Video (Japanese)

Esther Kamura
②Seeker's Director
③Okinawa Pref. NC for a little while
④Working as a recruiter for a Japanese company in San Diego.
⑤A doctor
⑥I am looking forward to witnessing seekers encounter Jesus, be touched, and be given eternal life!
⑦If you seek for the meaning, why you live, where you stand, or if you don't know God but you are curious, join us!:) Christians, please invite seekers to EC if you know anyone.

kana lopez2

Intro Video (Japanese) 

Hosana Ichiya
②Worship Director
③Nara Pref.
④Serving for students with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries in Oregon State University (OSU).
⑤Airplane pilot
⑥I am looking forward to starting the new year of 2023 with receiving great grace from God!
⑦I’ll do my best with God so you can give the best worship and praise!


IMG 0718 Yuki Hata

Intro Video (Japanese)

Akane Otsuka
②PR Director
④Working for a Magazine Company in Los Angeles
⑤A florist
⑥Since it's actually my first time going to ec(in-person), I am looking forward to everything!
⑦Let's think about where we stand right now, and look forward to the answer that God would give us at ec! Please follow us on Instagram♡ →@equipper_jcfn



Intro Video

Manami Seki
②Youth Director
④Leading Youth Ministry in Los Angeles
⑤A florist / A sports Trainer
⑥To know what the firm foundation is, to stand on it, and to be transformed together with Youth.
⑦I am excited to see everyone:) The new encounter, the new realization, and the new joy will be given in Youth! Join us with having hope!

IMG 0460 Matthew Barany

Intro Video (Japanese)

Tommy Morse
②English Program Director
③Torrance, CA
④Serving as a youth pastor while going to seminary!
⑤An architect. I used to love drawing!
⑥That the hearts of everyone who would go to Japan for God to be fired, and to experience a wonderful fellowship.
⑦God is calling every one of you! I believe there will be perfect encounters, prepared by God!