Plenary Speakers

Mao Shimizu 

Onishi Family


He was born in a bicycle shop in a small town in Fukuoka Prefecture, but he was never interested in bicycles and loved to eat. It has always been his dream since childhood to become a chef, wear that tall hat, and work at Royho. For a while, I worked as a chef in a café restaurant, taught communication theory at vocational schools and companies, sold used cars, sold cosmetics on the Internet, and so on and so forth. Yes, he is a pastor at Wintersburg Presbyterian Church. You never know what life will bring. He himself attended the first EC when he was a college student and his life exploded. It has been 25 years since then! He is looking forward to the Lord's work in your lives as well."

Prayer Requests

  1. May I share the joy of living in the Lord with all participants.
  2. May I be able to suffer together with the young people who are troubled and suffering.
  3. May I be good conduits according to the Lord.

Sho Ichikawa

Sho Ichikawa


Born in Kichijoji, Tokyo, 49 years old, suffered from depression at the age of 28, but met Jesus Christ and was healed. 2011, he was assigned to Japanese American Christian Chapel in Camarillo, a suburb of Los Angeles, where he has been working since then. He is a cheerful old man who loves to watch martial arts and play rock 'n' roll.

Expectations for EC22
That the Lord will clearly show each participant what they need to hear from the Word of God throughout the entire program.

What did you want to be when you were little?
Boxer, musician

Prayer Request

  1. May I humbly and clearly communicate to the participants what the Lord has shown me.

Sunao Shimada 

Satoru Nakanishi 1


Born in Okinawa in 1955. While studying in the U.S., he was led to San Lorenzo Church and was baptized in 1977. After graduating from college, he was led to devotion and entered Tokyo Biblical Seminary.
After graduating from Tokyo Biblical Seminary, he was involved in pastoral ministry in Kisarazu, Sodegaura, and Misaki in Chiba Prefecture from 1986 to 2005. 2005, he was led by his mother church, San Lorenzo Church, to come to the U.S. with his family, where he currently resides.
Family: Wife and 4 children; started golf ministry at age 50 and continues to this day. Sports background: baseball, tennis, golf.

Expectations for EC22
A revival of the Lord.

What you wanted to be when you were little.
Baseball player, I guess.

Prayer Request

  1. May the Lord be pleased, may I serve, may all glory be ascribed to Him!

Mari Fukusaku 

Sho Ichikawa


Born in Chiba Prefecture. Raised as the eldest daughter of a liquor store owner, she dreamed of appearing on TV as an impersonator as a young man, but believed in Christ while in college and was baptized at age 20. After working for Kinki Nippon Tourist Co. for two years, she decided to work for the Lord full time. He graduated from Tokyo Christian Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity) in 1997. After four years of pastoral ministry at Karuizawa Christ Church, she was assigned to Vancouver Japanese American Evangelical Church with her family in 2001. She was ordained as a ordained minister by the Alliance of Japanese Christian Churches in 20007, and is currently the associate pastor of the Vancouver Japanese American Evangelical Church. Her family consists of her husband, who is the senior pastor of the church, her eldest son, 24, her second son, 22, her third son, 20, and her eldest daughter, 18 years old. Hobbies: Baking, cooking, and impersonating.

Expectations for EC22
That many young people will experience a time of rejoicing in the Lord, being touched by Him, and being overwhelmed by His presence.

What you wanted to be when you were little
Impersonator, police officer

Prayer Requests

  1. May many prayers be piled up for EC and may the work of the Holy Spirit be richly expressed.
  2. Pray for those whose lives will be transformed by the Lord.
  3. Pray that each participant will enjoy and savor the taste of heaven.