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Date: December 28 (Wed), 2022 - January 1 (Sun), 2023









Hello! My name is Daisuke Tsuchida, EC22 Director.

The theme for EC22 is "Our Firm Foundation”.

What are you standing on right now? What exactly is your foundation?

You see the buildings where you live and the houses along the street every day.  You may be able to keep the walls, windows, and other visible parts of the house you live in clean, and you may be able to decorate the outside to make them look beautiful. On the other hand, have you ever looked under the floor of a building? You don't usually open it, and even if you did, it would be pitch black and invisible. When you welcome someone into your home, no one will ever see or show you the underfloor. However, the most important place of the building is its dark place, the foundation. No matter how nice and beautiful the house may appear, it all falls apart depending on the foundation.

The Internet makes it easy to see a wide variety of ideas and values. Many things change on a daily basis, and we need to be flexible enough to adapt to each change. We are often influenced by these changes and in such situations, we try to live our lives hoping to have a foundation for our heart.

Life is full of major turning points. Each time, we experience anxiety, disappointment, and an unexpected surge of change. For returnees in particular, it is a time of challenge as they plunge into the midst of great change after returning home. You may be shaken and even fall down in the "other world" that awaits you upon your return. This EC is for you!  This is a place where you will realize what it takes to remain unshaken in the midst of any situation.  You will know what you need to have an unshakable foundation.  You will also know your foundation for your heart and discover God in new ways!  I look forward to meeting you all.