Questions to the EC19 Directors

①What is your name?
②Position at EC
③Home Town/Place(s) you were brought up
④What are you doing right now?
⑤How would you compare yourself to an animal?
⑥What have your learned from God through the preparation of EC20?
⑦A word to the participants 

IMG 0927 Kristine Reddington

Kristine Reddington
②Exective Director
③Kochi Pref.
④I'm doing student evangelism in Utah.
⑤Hmmm, what is it? Is it a rabbit? She always looks like she's enjoying herself. And when she goes to bed, she looks comfortable.
⑥I think God is trying to give us more than we can imagine, not just what we can imagine, but more than we can imagine. We may not be the EC we think we are, but that's why we can expect it. Even as we plan, we are learning the importance of receiving what God gives us (even though it may not be what we imagined).
⑦It's a much different online EC, but I think there is God's grace that we can see because it's different now, so let's look forward to it and experience that grace together with our brothers and sisters around the world!?
This year is also a year to celebrate JCFN's 30th anniversary, so I think it will be a special EC in many ways☺♪

IMG 0624 1 Maina Sato

Maina Sato
②Plenary Session Director
③Nagoya city
④I am an international student ministry on staff with InterVarsity in Berkeley, a city near San Francisco.
⑤People often say I look like a cat. It looks like I'm spending my time freely. Lol.
⑥That God is always ready to show us miracles. In the midst of the discouragement of not being able to hold ECs as usual due to the effects of Corona, God tells us to trust and watch because there are things only the Lord can do in situations like this.
⑦There's a lot of loneliness in not being in the same space with you, but there's also a lot of grace and new things God is showing us that we can only receive because we're online. I'm looking forward to listening to God's voice with you all gathered from around the world!



Mami Tsutada
②HR Director
③Born in Taiwan, raised in Ibaraki, Philippines and Saitama


IMG 3880 Original Otsuka Shin

Shin Otsuka
②Inductive Bible Study Director
③Yotsukaido city, Chiba
④Preparing for seminary while serving at my home church
⑤Migratory birds... Maybe. Because I love to travel!
⑥Finding God's grace in the process! Be happy and excited to discover grace from preparation.
⑦I look forward to seeing you all, and I hope you'll join me at IBS with a drink of your choice at your favorite place!


 IMG 8793 Moe Higa

Moe Higa
②Prayer Director
③Born and raised in Okinawa
④Second year of seminary in Chicago.
⑤Sheep. Never intended to be a biblical answer! She's a pacifist who avoids conflict, a forgetful one, and when she's on her own she gets lost in the most ridiculous places.
⑥Subject is "LORD."
⑦Don't underestimate God just because it's through a screen...! I am made to believe that. That the great and glorious Lord who is alive wants to speak to us in this EC of the year. Let's come into His presence together to hear His voice. I look forward to you all coming in response to the voice of the Lord that is calling you, and I pray that you will come!


IMG 9627 Furuya Shiori

Shiori Furuya
②Returnee Program Director
③Born in Tokyo, raised in Kanagawa
④Preparing to become a JCFN staff
⑤I'm a sea otter on the animal personality test, but I guess I'm a meerkat. The image of asking the situation etc. from the nest.
⑥I am experiencing the theme of this year's EC20, "Listen". I don't know how to step out into the unknown, and I tend to act immediately out of anxiety, but I have been taught to seek God's will and to be still and listen!
⑦I'm so grateful to be able to host EC20 in whatever form it takes! Ladies and gentlemen, this will be EC20 where you will experience Christ being right where you are, wherever you are! Let's look to God for what will be a great EC20 beyond our understanding, and let's invite those around us to pray and prepare for it!


nVNsP79JTuyjNixpvBCXKg thumb 501f Aogu Suzuki

Aogu Suzuki
②Small Group Co-director
④Seminary student
⑤I'm sometimes referred to as a golden retriever?
⑥SG is a service that is made possible by the support of many people, so I am learning the importance and beauty of community in the Lord.
⑦This year's EC is a wonderful opportunity to worship the Lord with our brothers and sisters placed around the world ☺︎ SG has a variety of plans for us, so let's receive grace together through EC20 Beyond!



Ayako Kasai
②Small Group Co-director
③Fukushima city, Fukushima
④Nurse in WA
⑤Elephant: I have a sense of responsibility and can plan and do what needs to be done to reach a goal. I like swimming and the nature of water systems (oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.).
⑥It is in the midst of not knowing what is going to happen in the future that we must surrender our fears and worries to God and hope for the best.
⑦I'm really looking forward to looking up and praising and worshipping God together from each of the places He has placed us through online! We are hoping and praying that our brothers and sisters in the Lord will meet and have small group time to encourage and pray for each other!

 kana lopez2

Kana Lopes
②Seeker's director
③Saitama, Japan
④Doing me mester's in Speech pathology in Northern California.
⑤The test I took told me it was a squirrel. I'm the type to keep the best or most favorite till the end so I guess....?
⑥I'm learning how much I need to prozritize God in everyday life. In my busy life as a grad student, it can get really hard to prioritize what I need to do for EC or just alone time with God in general and I've come to realize that I haven't been able to make time for God intentionally for a while, which I really to do especially in the busy time.
⑦It's so amazing that we are able to worship the same God no matter where we are. And even though this year's EC is online, God doesn't change. God never changes. So let's worship and praise God together.


93A0F8A1 7F77 4700 A2E4 072EF9B08544 D329481D CDBB 4ABE A398 6DCDCF3D30F9 Julia Mine

Julia Mine
②Worship Director
③Saitama Pref
④I'm seconded to a Japanese pharmaceutical company to do mid-career recruitment.
⑤Penguin: I've heard that I have a distinctive way of walking lol I also like to eat carnivores.
⑥Since I'm composing a theme song, I've been thinking about "listening" quite a bit, and it's been testing me again. I realize that if I can't "hear" what God is singing to me, I can't write or create anything.
⑦It is a new form of EC, but I think it will be an online EC where you can meet people without restrictions. Please invite your family and friends to join us!


IMG 0718 Yuki Hata

Yuki Hata
②PR Director
③Nishinomiya city, Hyogo
④Seminary student in Chicago
⑤Horses (because I'm a herbivorous horse face).
⑥To relax my shoulders and move in the direction God is leading me in with excitement.
⑦Come experience the new era of EC with us!



Yoshihisa Nakamura
②Streaming Director
③Born in Hyogo Pref., raised in Miyagi Pref.
④Tokyo / Freelance Web Director & CALM IT Christian Network
⑥It's so important to be prepared!
⑦It's going to be a unique online event that no one has ever experienced before!

IMG 0460 Matthew Barany

Matt Barany
②RJC Program Director
③Woodbridge, NJ
④Atlanta and Director of Mobilization for a non-profit
⑤Polar Bear - Because I have lots hair and I love the cold.
⑥Many things: Like listening to the Japanese conversation, learning how to plan an online event, working well with others, and growing in leadership skills.
⑦Get ready to watch "God at work" in the conference and your lives.