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marian Intro Video


Marian Mine
②Executive Director
③Saitama, Japan
④Costa Mesa, CA
⑤I'm a choir teacher at a junior and senior high school in Huntington Beach and serve as the music director at my church.
⑥Sleep in a little bit, go on a run, and spend the rest of the morning quietly. From the afternoon I love just hanging out with my close friends and family, whether it be just going around cafes, shopping, or walking on the beach.
⑦Through the last 5 times I have been at EC, the Lord has changed me, and given me great brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as opening doors of opportunities to be a part of Japanese ministry even while I continue to live in the States. The more I pursue to know more about “freedom,” this year’s conference theme, I've realized how profound of a topic it is. It seems simple, but again, it cost Jesus’ life and resurrection for us to be able to claim this freedom. I pray and hope that everybody who attends the conference will truly claim this freedom through Christ their own and walk with it. Let’s start now and live out the freedom that has been given to us through Jesus’ name! EC17 is going to be EPIC!


satoruIntro Video 

Satoru Ito
②Plenary Session Director
③Kanagawa, Japan
④Chicago, IL
⑤I'm a clinical pharmacist at a hospital. I also play drums (only a beginner tho!) at church.
⑥Eat, sleep, soccer!
⑦EC is a very exciting conference and many people even the first-timers are really looking forward to this conference. But at the same time, some feel anxious and worry about being in such a large group of people you don't know (more than 300 participants!). I was a very (I mean VERY) shy person and I was worried my firsrt time. But even after 8 years since my first EC, I still keep contact with friends I spent 5 nights and 6 days with (especially my small group members). We worship together, share our thoughts and life events, pray together, cry together, and laugh together. Let's enjoy the fellowship and worshiping God together at EC17!


megmixIntro Video

Megumi Takezawa
②HR Director
③Fujioka, Gunma. I can recite all Jomo Karuta.
④Fuchu, Tokyo
⑤I work as the ministry coordinator for Kokubunji Baptist Church.
⑥Caring for my mental and physical health!
⑦Let’s spend 5 days soaking in the presence of God together, who created this world and is a part of every detail of our lives. He gives us many blessings on a daily basis, so let’s accept that grace and paint a picture of a future with Jesus. EC is a conference that is built upon each individual participant looking up and praising the Lord. If you want to serve, if you want to offer an ability you have, please contact me. Won’t you become a part of God’s work?

yumaIntro Video

Yuma Nakagawa
②Inductive Bible Study Director
③ Urayasu, Chiba. Christian hometown is Honolulu, Hawaii.
④ Nishiku, Yokohama
⑤ I’m an associate pastor of Yokohama Church (in Yokohama, Kanagawa) and Hadano Church (Hadano, Kanagawa), both a part of Japan Holiness Denomination.
⑥ My favorite place to spend a day off is in Ginza of Marunoichi in Tokyo.
⑦ This will be my 4th time attending EC. Every EC is a very memorable experience. IBS will enhance your regular Bible reading to be more fruitful. Let’s directly experience the Word of God which remains unchanged across borders through IBS!


kentaroIntro Video

Kentaro Imai
②Returnee's Program Director
③Born in Aichi, Japan. Grow up in Turkey, Aichi, Kentucky and Florida.
⑤Businessman (System Engineer)
⑥Play soccer, golf, and go to Disneyland
⑦Let's worship God with brothers and sisters!


Intro Video 

Yoshino Ushijima
①Yoshino Ushijima
②Prayer Director
③Kumamoto, Japan
④Los Angeles
⑥Relax in my house
⑦Come to EC17 to experience the overflowing love of God and His endless grace He gives each and one of us.

kaoriIntro Video

Kristine Reddington
②Small Group Director
③Born and raised in Kochi, Japan.
④New Mexico (Starting in June, I'll be in Utah)
⑤I work for a campus ministry called InterVarsity!
⑥Coffee and crepes for breakfast.. Then do something active during the day by playing volleyball or frisbee..Finish up the day by chillin on the beach with friends. ….sounds like a perfect kinda day for me :)
⑦ This will be my 14th time at EC. God has changed many lives (including mine) at EC. I believe it is incredibly encouraging for international students that were saved abroad to see that “I’m not alone, there are other Japanese people that serve God.” God uses our places of birth, where we were raised, and the environment we currently live in for good. As ones chosen by God, let’s receive His many blessings and fly on together! See you at EC17~♪


arisa2017Intro Video

Arisa Imai
②Youth Director
③Born in Osaka, raised in New Jersey
⑤working in the corporate world
⑥wake up late, buy some milk tea at the convenience store and take a walk to the train station. Eat lunch with friends, chill at a cafe, or spend some time at a park or anywhere with nature and open space. At night I like to watch TV and relax.
⑦Let's make deep connections with our brothers and sisters in Christ and learn more about God and worship Him together! Let's experience God's freedom!


Intro Video  

Julia Manjarres
②Seekers' Director
③Born in the States, raised in Tokyo, Japan
⑤Working at an insurance company and expereincing God's love and faithfulness as I experience new and challenging things.
⑥Spend time being lazy with the people I love.
⑦Let's look upon Jesus, praise Him, pray together, and listen to the word of God so we can all receive and experience the amazing love of God. That's it! 


toshiIntro Video 

Toshiro Saito
②Worship director
④Southern California
⑤I’m a seminary student.
⑥I like visiting a place I usually wouldn’t go to and having a meal there.
⑦Please come! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!


megumuIntro Video

Megumu Aida
② PR Director
③ Kagoshima
④ Southern California
⑤ I’m an employee of a company.
⑥ Sleep in, laze around, meet with people, and spend an easy-going day ♪
⑦ I believe EC is a place where we learn many things from God and grow. It is also a place where we meet many people and encourage one another. I look forward to new meetings and reunions every time I attend EC. I look forward to meeting everyone!

amberIntro Video 

Amber Carpenter
②RJC Program Director
③From California
④Currently live in California (but I have lived in Mie Prefecture, Japan in the past)
⑤I am a substitute teacher, and am on staff with International Students, Inc.
⑥Netflix / On my days off, I like to drink coffee and read or watch Netflix
⑦Hey there English speakers! If you're thinking about coming to EC and have never been before, I really encourage you to check it out! In the RJC program, you will meet other people from all over the country who love to work with Japanese. Don't be intimidated by the fact that the conference is held mainly in Japanese - we have great resources for you! EC has been a huge blessing to me in the past, and I know that it will be to you too. I can't wait to see you there!​