Plenary Speakers

Shinji Seki


He was born in 1964, the year of the Tokyo Olympics. His life stage was displayed by his hairstyle, from the “regent” pompadour to the “Yakuza style” perm. He later became a surfer and then a cook, then became a pastor. These transformations took place because of God’s great grace. In 1984 when he was 20, he came to the US as a Japanese cuisine chef. He was saved at Santa Clara Valley Japanese Christian Church in San Jose. In 1992, after graduating from Tokyo Biblical Seminary, he pastored a church in Japan for twelve years and then moved to Honolulu, Hawaii in 2005 to serve at his current church, Honolulu Christian Church. His family consists of his lovely wife, four wonderful children and a dog. He loves cooking and Japanese tea ceremony. On his children’s birthdays, he makes homemade sushi for them. He used to be very restless and loved to break rules, but now he’s the kind of person who loves and practices tea ceremony. He has written two books: Book of Father’s Wisdom: Proverbs (New Life League, electronics books) and Regaining God’s Image of the Family (Jibiki Ami Publisher). He has a series titled “Reaching Spiritual Maturity” in a monthly magazine, Right Side of the Boat.



Naoto Kamanorevkamano 


Once upon a time, long long ago, there were two old couples. One couple lived in the countryside of what used to be known as Tanba Prefecture (now part of Kyoto and Hyogo), and the other was a pastor near downtown Kobe. Later, the couple in Kobe moved to Tokyo and began evangelizing all throughout Japan. The couple in Tanba had a son that worked as an elementary school teacher in Kobe, while the couple in Kobe had a daughter that attended junior college. These two met at a church in Kobe, got married, were blessed with two sons and one daughter, and lived happily ever after. The end.

The eldest of the two sons is me, Naoto Kamano. I was born in Kobe in 1963 and grew up there. I attended Kyoto University’s School of Engineering; was called by the Lord during the second year of my Master’s degree; attended Asbury Theological Seminary, Kansai Bible College, Yale University Divinity School, and Union Theological Seminary in Virginia (now known as Union Presbyterian Seminary); and earned my Ph.D in Biblical studies (Old Testament). I have pastored in Nara and Kobe since 2000 and have been serving full-time at Kansai Bible College since 2010. Currently, the Lord has given me the professional opportunities of being the Kansai Bible College principal, pastor of Japanese Jesus Christ Himejijohoku Church, and director of Japan Evangelical Theology Association. My family consists of my wife, a daughter in college, and a son in high school. By the way, my parents are still in good health.



Yuuichiro Inatomi


He was born and raised in Osaka, the city of laughs and good food. Since his mother was a Christian, he was half-forced to attend church from a young age. His life shifted in a major way when he met a very warm and loving missionary with a scary face when he was in elementary school. After high school graduation, as he was trying to decide on a major, the missionary recommended that he study abroad in South Korea. At the time, South Korea was burning with the flame of revival and the streets were filled with praise and prayer. There he met Jesus Christ, was later called to be a pastor, and moved on to seminary. He learned of love and forgiveness while facing trials in a population that was 99% Korean, and also learned of Korean hairstyles and fashion before returning to Japan (oops). After successfully maintaining a five-year long-distance relationship by the grace of God with a woman five years older than him whom he had met at church, they married. He served as an evangelist and associate pastor under a missionary for about ten years, working for spiritual revival in Japan. After that, God called him to South Korea again to study missions in graduate school while working as a youth pastor in a Korean church for three years. During that time, he was given a vision to minister to Japanese international students, and through prayer he was led to the United States. After many ups and downs, he now joyfully pastors two churches and commutes between Los Angeles and San Diego on a weekly basis. More than half the church members are young people, and it is a place overflowing with grace, laughter, and tears.

He loves playing, watching, and coaching sports, and played water polo in high school. Even now, he loves to take sports too seriously with young people. He has a family of four consisting of a wife who likes K-dramas and comedy (? years old), a son that likes soccer and comedy (16 years old), and a daughter that likes talking and is a huge fan of Yoshimoto New Comedy (8 years old).

Meg Awano
  Meg went to California seeking the Gospel Music in 1992. She joined the Gospel Choir of West Angels Of God In Christ and came to know Jesus Christ as her Savior. Since having returned to Japan, she established herself as a gospel singer and choir director and lead many choirs in every part of Japan. Music Minister of Tokyo Horizon Chapel.