Here is the last column for our Bible reading written by Dr. Yamazaki-Ransam!

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Readings for this week (12/18-20): Acts 26-28 or Luke 22-24

The Story of the Gospel narrated by Luke (8):
Jesus Christ, Lord of All”

We looked at Luke-Acts over eight columns. Luke writes the story of Jesus and the Church as the revelation of the plan of God’s salvation on earth. The story develops in the historical context of the rule of Roman Empire in the Mediterranean world.

The “Gospel” is the “good news” that refers to the fact that the kingdom of God is to come on earth through Jesus Christ. The kingdom of God refers to the rule of God, who is King. This message relates not only to our inner personal problems, but also every aspect of earthly reality. Politics is no exception. The principle of separation of government and religion did not exist for people during the time of the Bible.

The Emperor was at the head of the Roman Empire. Roman Emperors were praised with the titles of “lord” and “savior.” There were times when they were worshipped as god. In such a context, Luke says that Jesus of Nazareth is the true king of the world. Jesus was born in Judea, the marginalized area of the Roman Empire, as a poor infant, and was crucified, passed away and resurrected. Luke proclaims that Jesus is “Lord of all” (Acts 10:36), not the Roman Emperor. Christians are the people who believe, obey, and proclaim that Jesus is the Lord over them and the world. Yet, Jesus is not “king” and “lord” in same way as the Roman Emperor. He is different from the earthly rulers who dominate others with their power (Luke 22:25-26). Jesus is the king who loves us by laying down his life.

The story of the Gospel narrated by Luke ends when Paul reaches the capital of Roman Empire, proclaims the kingdom of God, and teaches about the Lord Jesus (Acts 29:31). “God is king and Jesus is Lord.” This is the message of hope for all, and it is a message that lasts through the ages and also reaches to us.

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