Hello to all the youth!

If you are in middle school or high school, please participate in the youth program ☺️

The youth program is:

  1. A place where you can meet awesome friends ????????
  2. Life-changing ✨
  3. Extremely fun!

EC youth is a bilingual (Japanese and English) program held for many teenagers with similar backgrounds from many different regions!You meet amazing brothers and sisters in Christ and spend 5 days together, cry and laugh together, and keep in touch and pray for each other even after EC!

And during these 5 days, God will definitely work in your heart. Through sermons and praise, through fellowship with other youth and youth leaders, you will see into the depths of your heart and realize just how much God loves you. EC youth is a place where you can confide and learn about your identity, family, friends, relationships, your future... even things that you find difficult to talk about with your friends and family.

And most of all, EC youth is really fun! Games, activities, workshops, the program, and the friends you meet are fun! The best!!

Don’t miss out on this life changing experience!!!

We’ll be waiting for you????????????????

EC19 Youth schedule Rev