Many volunteers have been involved with the making of Equipper Conference ever since the Lord has started this ministry. We need your help for the purpose of equipping Japanese Christians abroad at EC19 in the following areas.

Volunteer Opportunities

You can sign up for the following voluntary services. Let us serve the sisters and brothers the Lord loves!

  • Small group leaders (SGLs): we need SGLs who love, encourage and pray with conferees in small groups.
  • Workshop helpers: we are looking for those who can assist tape-recording and surveys during workshops.
  • Facility: we need those who can set up rooms such as for workshops.
  • Worship team: they lead the worship at plenary sessions.
  • Translators: we need Japanese- English translators at plenary sessions and some workshops.
  • Power point technicians: we are looking for someone who can operate ppt/open song at plenary sessions.
  • Ushers (at plenary sessions): we need those who help at offering and communion service.
  • Scripture reading: we are looking for those who can relive the Scripture at plenary sessions.
  • Testimonies: if you have something the Lord put in your heart to share at EC19, let us know!
  • Skit: we need actors, actresses, writers, and director for skit in plenary sessions.
  • Video technicians: we need someone who can videotape EC19.
  • Photographers: we need photographers, too (those with own single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras).
  • PA technicians: we need someone who can help sound system during plenary sessions.
  • Light technicians: we need someone who can help light system during plenary sessions.
  • Book table attendants: we need someone who can help manage the book store operations and those who work as store clerks.
  • Registration table helpers: we have to swiftly register many conferees in a short amount of time (those who can come to the EC19 site from Dec. 26th or in the morning of 27th at latest).
  • Childcare: we need volunteers for child care during plenary sessions, workshops and seminars.
  • Transportation helpers, providers: we need people who can provide transportation between the airport and EC19 site. We also need greeters at the airport.
  • Airport greeters: we need those who can greet and guide conferees arriving at LA international airport.
  • Pray-ers: we need those who intercede for EC19 (please see pray 4 ec!) and those who lead prayers during EC19.
  • First aid: we are looking for some one with CPR and other license and those who can assist them.
  • Counselors: we offer counseling service for conferees. We need pastoral counselors, MFT counselors, and those who have burden for spiritual direction.
  • Performing artists: we had dance and music performances in the past in our effort to introduce creative ways to glorify God.