-About Registration-

Q1: What is included in the registration fee?

• EC Program
• Lodging
• Meals
*Not included: airplane ticket fee, transportation to and from the airport, lodging for the 26th

Q2: Is partial attendance possible?

Absolutely. However, because we must include the cost of 3 meals as part of the registration fee regardless of the attendee partaking of the meals, partial attendance will result in a higher fee, For more information, please visit the section “partial attendance” under “About registration”. December 14th is the due date for those registering for partial attendance as well.

Q3: Could I join the conference on the day of?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept last minute requests to attend the conference. We apologize for any inconveniences.

Q4: When is the last day of registration?

December 9th is the final date we will accept applications. We recommend people to register as soon as possible, as the cost is cheaper if registered by September 30th for early early bird fee and by November 4th for early bird fee.

Q5: How to apply Scholarship?

Please apply for our scholarships. You can request the amount needed when you register. We will announce the amount of scholarship through each registration page. Our scholarship relies on the giving from church, ministry organization and individual offering. Please allow us not to be able to provide your exact requested amount.

-About the Program-

Q1: What would lodging look like?

There will be six people in one room, and you will be placed with those in your small group. The small groups will be comprised of six members that are in a similar age group and region.

Q2: Can children be part of EC?

Yes. During the morning and evening services, childcare will be offered to infants (0-2 yrs.) for a small fee, and a special children’s program for ages 3-12. For attendees with children, a family support coordinator will be present to assist them with their needs during their stay.

Q3: Will there be translation during services?

Although mainly Japanese will be used throughout the conference, we will have simultaneous English translation available for the morning and evening services. For those requiring Japanese to English translation, please bring a digital radio with you so you can take advantage of this service.

-About the Location-

Q1: How can I get to the conference center from the airport?

For those in need of a ride from LAX, we will offer a ride to the conference center for a fee. Please mention this when registering online. For more information, please refer to the Access under the main menu.

Q2: If I arrive on the day prior, can I stay there on the night of the 26th?

You can stay at the conference center on the 26th for $30 per person. A simple dinner will be provided on the 26th and breakfast on the 27th.

Q3: What will the weather look like?

We have been blessed with sunny Southern California weather year after year, but we still advise bringing a jacket since it does get chilly in the early mornings and late evenings. Also be aware that the air is very dry in the region.

Q4: Will I have access to free WiFi?

Internet connection is available, but the access range will be limited.

Q5: What is the conference center like? What kind of amenities will I have access to?

The Calvary Chapel Conference Center (http://www.mhsretreats.com/home) is a beautiful facility in Southern California that includes a hot spring, pool(need swimware), café, and chapel. Amenities such as towels, pillow and bed sheets, will be provided by the facility.
Coin Landry is available. Please bring coin and detergent.

Q6: What are the surroundings like where the conference center is located? Can I go out to a store if necessary?

The conference center is located in Murrieta, CA, a safe city of 110,000 in Southern California that attracts many young people. There are shopping malls, grocery stores, and various restaurants nearby,

Q7: Am I allowed to smoke inside the conference center?

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the facility.