Questions to the EC19 Directors

①What is your name?
②Position at EC19
③Home Town/Place(s) you were brought up
④What are you doing right now?
⑤Your childhood dream(s)
⑥What have your learned from God through the preparation of EC19?
⑦A word to the participants 



Introduction Video 

Kristine Reddington
②Executive Director
③Born and raised in Kochi, Japan
④Campus staff for a college ministry called InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
⑤Elementary/Jr. High teacher
⑥Through this process, time and time again, I am reminded of how weak and needy I am. At the same time, it has made me think about what it looks like to seek God in every situation even when it seems hard to do so.
⑦EC is such a special place where strangers become best friends and selfish hearts can be changed to care for others. Every year, what God does at ec is just amazing! Together, let’s spend the last of 2019 in the best way possible by being expectant of the One who gives lavishly to those who seek Him.


Introduction Video  

Makito Takagi
②Plenary Session Director
③Miyagi, Japan
④I am serving at Honolulu Christian Church.
⑤A helmsman of a ship.
⑥Attendees and volunteers gather from many different regions, and return to their respective places. I really feel that this conference is directly connected to world missions.
⑦I am excited to meet you at the venue! Let's experience the Lord Jesus together.



Introduction Video  

Mami Tsutada
②HR Director
③Made in Taiwan, Grew up in Ibaraki(Japan), Philippines, Saitama(Japan)
④Studying Master of Divinity and MA in Marriage and Family Counseling at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky.
⑤Pastor or Missionary
⑥I’m learning that each and everyone is given really unique gifts and that God provides both strength and wisdom for those who use them.
⑦God has given you the gifts. Please let me assist you to equip yourself by using those gifts at EC! I can’t wait to see you guys!



Introduction Video  

Kazusa Okaya
②Inductive Bible Study Director
③We moved every 3 years so I'm not sure. When I was a child, I lived in the US for 5 years and France for 2 years.

⑤Darth Vader
⑥To not take volunteers for granted
⑦I'm excited to read the Bible together with everyone!!



Introduction Video  

Yoshino Ushijima
②Prayer Director
④Los Angeles



Introduction Video  

Kentaro Imai
②Returnee Program Director
③Born in Aichi, Japan. Raised in Aichi, Turkey, and the US.
④I am a systems engineer in Tokyo.
⑤A soccer player, pilot, doctor, etc.
⑥I'm learning that God is close by, loving me and helping me all the time.
⑦My hope is that, people returning to, sending returnees off to, and those already in Japan can connect at ec and come together to pray for and encourage each other. Let's spend the end of this year and the beginning of the next giving thanks to God with the best people!



Introduction Video  

Aogu Suzuki
②Small Group Director
③Nagano, Japan
④Student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
⑥I’m learning that I’m weaker than I thought I was. I’m thankful, for God is making me hold onto and rest in His faithfulness more than before.
⑦EC is truly an amazing conference where we get to worship, cry hard, rejoice hard, eat delicious food, pray together, etc., with dear brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world. I firmly believe that we’ll grow in our dependence in and love for the Lord through EC19, and I’m so looking forward to worshipping and fellowshipping with each one of you!



Introduction Video  

Manami Hanna Tokumoto
②Youth Director
③Born and raised in Tokyo
④I am a seminary student
⑤A nurse, swim coach, a person that helps those without food or shelter, sports trainer.
⑥There is absolutely nothing that God cannot do, and He leads every single person to the very best path. My part is to surrender, trust in Him for everything, and choose His will!
⑦To the many youth that will gather from different places, let’s learn about God, praise Him, and spend an amazing time together with brothers and sisters in Christ! It will definitely be an unforgettable 5 days.



Introduction Video  

Julia Manjarres
②Seekers Director
③Born in LA, grew up in Tokyo
④Working for insurance in LA
⑤Florist -> Singer -> FBI Agent
⑥To pray to have the heart to seek after God
⑦Let's enjoy getting to know Jesus, come on!



Introduction Video  

Julia Mine
②Worship Director
③Born in Tokyo, Raised in Saitama
④Involved with ministries in LA area
⑥To gaze upon the Lord especially at times when I can't see what is ahead.
⑦Let’s expect great things from the Lord at this ec as well!



Introduction Video  

Megumu Aida
②PR Director
③Born in Pennsylvania, raised in Kagoshima.
④I liked animals so I wanted to work at a zoo (lol).
⑤I work full-time.
⑥One of the blessings of being a director is that I can thoroughly think about and experience the theme for a whole year. This year’s theme is very deep as well! I am once again learning about my weakness and God’s greatness. I’m excited to learn at ec!
⑦Let’s be incredibly blessed together! We’re also looking for people wanting to be a part of the media team!



Introduction Video  

Amber Carpenter
②RJC Program Director
③Raised in Sacramento, California
④Working with international college students as International Students, Inc. staff here in Sacramento
⑤A teacher (which I kind of became!)
⑥I'm learning about how we need help from God and each other, and God always provides what we need in His good timing!
⑦I love EC, and I love the people I meet there, especially English speakers who have a heart for Japan. I can't wait to meet you all there!!​