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MarianSIntro Video


Marian Mine
②Executive Director
③Saitama, Japan
④Costa Mesa, CA
⑤I'm a choir teacher at a junior and senior high school in Huntington Beach.
⑥Sleep in a little bit, go on a run, and spend the rest of the morning quietly. From the afternoon I love just hanging out with my close friends and family, whether it be just going around cafes, shopping, or walking on the beach.
⑦This will be my fifth time attending EC. I can honestly say that EC has truly played a big part of who I am today. Although I've been away from Japan for close to nine years now, because of brothers and sisters who I met at EC, and by the grace of God, I've been able to continue to walk in my calling to reach out to the Japanese people wherever I am placed. It is a true joy to be a part of the planning committee for such an impactful conference. God has so much in stored for you. My prayer is for EC to be used to extend the network of God's family, encourage and equip those who are going back to Japan, and for everybody's daily walk with Christ to be transformed. 



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Satoru Ito
②Plenary Session Director
③Kanagawa, Japan
④Chicago, IL
⑤I'm a clinical pharmacist at a hospital. I also play drums (only a beginner tho!) at church.
⑥Sleep, eat, soccer!
⑦EC is a very exciting conference and many people even the first-timers are really looking forward to this conference. But at the same time, some feel anxious and worry about being in such a large group of people you don't know (more than 300 participants!). I was a very (I mean VERY) shy person and I was worried my firsrt time. But even after 8 years since my first EC, I still keep contact with friends I spent 5 nights and 6 days with (especially my small group members). We worship together, share our thoughts and life events, pray together, cry together, and laugh together. Let's enjoy the fellowship and worshiping God together at EC16!


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Julia Manjarres
②HR Director
③Born in the States, raised in Tokyo, Japan
⑤Working at an insurance company and expereincing God's love and faithfulness as I experience new and challenging things.
⑥Spend time being lazy with the people I love.
⑦Let's look upon Jesus, praise Him, pray together, and listen to the word of God so we can all receive and experience the amazing love of God. That's it! 


yoshikiIntro Video 



Yoshiki Tsukamoto
②Inductive Bible Study Director
④Pasadena, CA
⑤Studying at Master of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary
⑥Reading Japanese books at Cafe, or going to Korean Spa.
⑦Let's enjoy! Let's pursue God together! I am really looking forward to see you all!! 


akashiIntro Video 



Akashi Nishigata
②Prayer Ministry Director
④Cincinnati, OH
⑤I'm a Bible college student, studying youth ministry. I play cajon (box drum), and also I sometimes preach in a small chapel at my college.
⑥eating, working out, and taking a nap
⑦This conference is excellent because we can share and pray together with other Christians who come from different places and with different thoughts. It is so good experice to stay with over 300 Christians 6 days and 5 nights. Maybe you think too many or too long, but just please come. You can experience and know how great His love and grace are. I'm praying for both those who will come and who cannot come this time. I'm looking forward to see you all at EC!


kahoIntro Video 



Kahori Koyano
②Returnee's Program Director
⑤Used to work in a retail company but now I am preparing for a new ministry!
⑥Spending time with people who I love!
⑦EC is just inspiring, encouraging and unforgettable conference that will give you a great chance to connect with brothers/sisters in Christ as your lifetime friend! We invite you to come connect with us and let's enjoy God's presence together!


kaoriIntro Video 


Kristine Reddington
②Small Group Director
③Born and raised in Kochi, Japan.
④New Mexico (Starting in June, I'll be in Utah)
⑤I work for a campus ministry called InterVarsity!
⑥Coffee and crepes for breakfast.. Then do something active during the day by playing volleyball or frisbee..Finish up the day by chillin on the beach with friends. ….sounds like a perfect kinda day for me :)
⑦God is mighty and He can meet us wherever we are. No, you don’t have to go to EC to meet God in powerful ways but there is just something special about encountering God at this conference. It’s a place of encouragement, challenges, and many blessings. God still has big dreams for Japan. He hasn’t given up on His people and the participants are an evidence of that. Not only that, He has a special place for us Japanese Christians. God invites us into mission to bring hope to those He loves. SO! Come to EC. He will wreck you (in a good way ;)) and it’s going to be so GOOD ! 



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Arisa Wada
②Youth Director
③Born in Osaka, grew up in New Jersey
⑤Working at a financial company
⑥Wake up late, spend some quallity time with friends during the day, and come how and watch TV and talk with my roommate Hiromi.
⑦Let's learn, be blessed, be encouraged, connect, and be used through EC! God is surely going to speak to each and everyone at EC.


nobodyIntro Video 



Yuma Inagaki
②Seeker's director
④La Mirada
⑤Studying communication at Biola university
⑥Enjoy hiking and know God through His creations.
⑦EC is one of my favourite conferences. Looking forward to knowing and experiencing God's goodness together!!


toshiIntro Video 



Toshiro Saito
②Worship director
④Fullerton CA
⑤Studying at Talbot School of theology & teaching Japanese and math at Japanese (supplimentary) school
⑥Wake up late, go to a nice lunch place, read while drinking coffee in the afternoon, and watch movies in the evening.
⑦this would be my 6th time attending EC and I've been blessed at every one of them. Please come and join us!! 





Dennis Peters
②RJC/English Speaker Program Director
③Sacramento, CA
④Sacramento, CA
⑤I am the director of RJC (Reaching Japanese for Christ) and a pastor at First Japanese Baptist Church in Sacramento. I am also helping at a Japanese church in San Jose where the Pastor passed away recently. So each Sunday I minister both in Sacramento and in San Jose, once in English and the other in Japanese.
⑥Golf. I love to golf. But my foot has been broken for the last 8 months or so and I haven’t been able to golf. I also enjoy Hunting! I like to hunt for Bears, Deer, Coyotes, Quail, Turkey, etc. I have even been Pig hunting.
⑦If you speak English and are afraid that you won’t fit in at the Equipper Conference, I am here to tell you that if you will come, you will have a great time. We join with the Japanese Speakers through all the main meetings, meals, etc., but then the small group times you will be able to participate fully because we will have a program that is prepared with you in mind. Please come! Bring your Japanese friends and prepare to have a great time!!! I will do my best to make sure you do!