Hello brothers and sisters!
My name is Marian Mine and I have the privilege of serving as the executive director for equipper conference 2016! The preparation for the conference had started around new years and God has been showing us His vision. I wanted to take this time to introduce myself and share the vision that we have for EC this year!

This year’s theme is “Rise & Go ~In the victorious name of Jesus.” I am sure we can all agree that we fall many times as we walk with Christ. However, we have been given the very power that raised Jesus from the dead. In the name of Jesus, our heavenly Father allows us to stand up and rise again. He helps us rise again because He has given us a mission and purpose in rising as the body of Christ. He wills us to walk boldly with that purpose and power of resurrection. How is our walk?

John 16:33
“Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”

Our theme verse summarizes the message God inspired us with. That message is of the victory on the cross Jesus has already won which gives us the privilege to participate in the blessings and authority. In this verse, it says “overcome the world.” In the Japanese translation, it uses the word “victory.” The words “victory” and “overcome” have a different meaning from what we experience in our daily life. Here on earth, we can definitely experience times when we think victory is nowhere to be found or that you are in a hopeless situation. Yet the reason we can “take heart” is because there is that promise that one day, the whole world is going to praise the name of Jesus. We already know the ending to God’s story although we all know that it never ends! As we walk our daily lives, we may not necessarily always experience the tangible victories we expect. However, God provides us with the very victory that we need, which we can hold on to for eternity. This is what gives us true joy. We hope and pray that those who participate in EC will receive conviction in that Truth.

God has already provided us with amazing group of directors that form the planning committee as well as a vision for this year’s EC. We are thoroughly excited in how God is going to shape the program as well as how He is going to move among and through us at EC in December! If you can join us in prayer and lift up the planning committee in prayer as we do our best to listen and let God direct us, we will be very grateful. We will also be praying that starting today, you may walk in the confidence and boldness that comes from the name of the resurrected Jesus Christ! We look forward to seeing you at Equipper Conference 2016!

EC16 Director
Marian Mine