Questions to the EC13 Directors 

What is your name?

What is your position this year?

How do you like usually to spend your day?

Any words for the participants?

What kind of help are you looking for?




Inochi Kakitani's Intro Movie

Inochi Kakitani
②ec14 Director/Program Director
③ Go surfing early in the morning to return back with big smile thinking, "Had good waves!" Then have brunch. In the afternoon, I would take time to do laundry and clean my room. And in the evening, watch a movie!
④ Equipper Conference has changed many people's life in the past. And that EC is coming right up this year too. Through ec14, I wonder what kind of amazing works He would be showing us. I am very excited for it. I am hoping for a conference where each participant will meet God and is in awe of the Lord. 


Toshitaka Hamamura's Intro Movie 

Toshitaka Hamamura
② ec14 Assistant Director/Program Director
③ Plan A: Wake up early in the morning to do my devotionals. Then, either breakfast or brunch with my roommate. Afterwards, do laundry and take some down time till lunch. Around lunch, I'll head out to my University in hope to do some papers but will probably end up on YouTube. During the evening, I will either read or order pizza to watch a movie with my roommate (or friends.)
Plan B: Surfing-> Lunch-> Nap-> Dinner. Simple as that.
④ ec is a great place where you meet God, get encouraged, and get connected with other Brothers and Sisters of Christ. As one looking to have faith in Jesus let's walk together on this journey. I am deeply looking forward to the time of worship with everyone. See you at the Conference!
⑤ Stage Management, Stage Aid、Testimony, Introduction of Regional Ministries, Skit, Dance, Performances, Scripture Reading, Usher, Media team (Video, PV, Countdown Video,) Men's/Women's Sessions Staff


Mina Chen's Intro Movie

Mina Chen
② Human Resource Director
③ Enjoy nature by gardening, taking a walk, or go on a bike ride without thinking about time.
④ ec is a wonderful place where individuals from different places and background come together as one to worship the Lord. It is also a conference that is created together through each participant. Let serve God and others together through the spiritual gifts God has given you!
⑤ As a HR, I am in charge of the recruiting for the many positions. If there are any places you would like to serve in, please feel free to talk to me! 


Aki Watanabe's Intro Movie

Aki Watanabe
② Prayer Ministry Director
③ I like to be active by taking a walk or to go on a jog. But, at the same time, I also like to simply stay home and have a cup of coffee.
④ I have been praying for my desire to "one day go to ec," and here I am going for the first time as part of the ec14 Directors. I am nervous with so many new things but I am also excited to see what God has already planned.
If there are any of you that are not sure about attending ec, I am praying that through prayers, your decision on participating will be answered.
⑤ Prayer Warriors. ec is a five day program but we need those who will support ec through prayer not only during the conference but before and after as well. Those who are participating, still deciding, and cannot not attend, please support as a Prayer Warrior.


Arisa Wada's Intro Movie

Arisa Wada
② Youth Director
③ After I eat lunch, I'll go get Bubble Tea or Starbucks at Princeton City. Then, I will stick my feet in a fountain pool to chill with my friends for 2-3 hours. Afterwards, go shopping or relax at home by reading a book or watching T.V. At night, my family and I will eat dinner together while watching sports (usually golf.)
④ The Youth! Let's experience God's goodness and a time to worship Him with wonderful friends you will be meeting. We will be learning what following Christ looks like in our daily life. As the next generation, I am excited the impact we can have through our young energy and passion during and after ec wherever we are.
⑤ Anyone who enjoys worshiping with the Youth, and who can listen to their stories, and simply loves Youth. Please consider serving as a youth staff in the youth track! 


Erika Mine's Intro Movie

Erika Mine
② Seeker's Director
③ Go to places I haven't yet with my friend to explore, walk around, and eat!
④ To those who are part of the Seeker's track, I am very thankful that you have decided to come to ec14! At ec14, we would be discussing how the Bible relates to you and what it means to believe in Jesus. Through many new relationships, I am praying you will be finding what you have been seeking for. Hoping this one-week will be a life changing experience!
⑤ We are looking for those who want to tell God's greatness, be alongside with those who has difficult questions, or has a passion and calling for missionary work. Would you consider joining the team? There is a blessing so great hard to express waiting for you!


Kumiko Matsunaga's Intro Movie

Kumiko Matsunaga
② Returnee's Program Director
③ To Laugh Out Loud watching one of my favorite Japanese comedians.
④ There are many of those in Japan who wants to welcome the returnees. Our hope is for you to get connected to these people. And if you return to Japan and experience being welcomed, I hope you will be the next person to welcome others returning back. Let's work together to be one who serves Christ!


Yuta Motegi's Intro Movie

Yuta Motegi
② IBS Director
③Go on a hiking at a quiet mountain.
④ Let's learn the Bible deeply through IBS!
⑤ We are looking for those who are will learn about IBS and serve as IBS Leaders during the Conference. If you are interested, please let me know!


Marian Mine's Intro Movie

Marian Mine
② Worship Director
③ In the morning I would exercise to be healthy and have a time of silence. In the afternoon, being with my friends or family would make me happy. 
④ We are made to worship God! Through Worship, we are able to pour out to Him and in response, He pours into us even more. As we are preparing for a great time of worship to praise Father, we are also excited in hope and joy. At ec14, we are looking forward for a time of worship where we can put our all in it!
⑤ Recruiting those who has a heart and passion for worship into our worship band!


Hanna Krieg's Intro Movie

Hanna Krieg
② Small Group Director
③ Wake up slowly in the morning and have coffee and brunch. Then, go either hiking, meet up with friends, or eat something delicious! And at night, I'll take it easy by reading or watching a movie.
④ A place where each person gets connected, share his or her thoughts and emotions, grow as an individual, and feel comfortable to return back to... that is Small Group! Come experience the greatness of Small Group at ec14!
⑤ For those who likes to be involved with people, wants to learn from others to pray for them, is hoping to start a small group at where you are, wants to contribute by being a Servant Leader ... or even think, "Becoming a leader is impossible!" maybe this is the place God is calling you to serve. If you are not sure, feel free to talk to me. I'll be waiting for your email!


Dennis Peters Itro Movie

Dennis Peters
②English Speaker's Program Director
③I love to Golf, watch 'unrealistic' movies that get my imagination going, and go Bear Hunting!
④We are going to have an exciting program for the English Speakers that will help you to be blessed and a little bit trained in your attempts to reach out to the Japanese Community, while making sure you are plugged into what our Japanese Brothers and Sisters are doing as well! Come and I promise you will have a great time! I will do my best to make sure of it!
⑤We need several Small Group leaders who are willing to guide the discussion of a small group of 5-6 International English Speakers each evening, discussing the day's events and messages.