Shigeru Suzuki

Shigeru Suzuki1


Born in Tokushima in 1961. Shigeru played baseball (softball) during high school days. In 1981 he started studying in Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Within a matter of several months after being associated with Christian students, Shigeru accepted Jesus. And after that Shigeru transferred to Idaho State University in 1983. There Shigeru decided to continue his education in seminary after finding a church he felt home and encountering Campus Crusade ministry. In 1986 Shigeru joined Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon. There Shigeru met Atsuko, who had been studying there a year earlier, and they got married. They came back to Sendai in 1992, and Shigeru started working as a professor at Baptist Seminary. In 1994 Shigeru became a senior pastor at Sendai Bible Baptist Church and has continued to serve there till today. Shigeru likes to stay active and loves taking pictures of natural flowers and birds. Shigeru and Atsuko have a son and two daughters.

Message to ec14 attendees:

Look forward to meeting all of you. Let us experience the presence of our living God, and receive His personal guidance to each of us.

Aogu Tateyama



Born in Kagawa, the "udon" country. Aogu is the 5th generation of Christians in his family. At age of 10, Aogu decided to follow Jesus and got baptized. However soon after joining Middle School, he had become a modern version of prodigal son. Many people especially his parents had suffered by Aogu's decisions for the next several years. At age of 15, Aogu dropped out of High School after going there for 4 days and fled from home, and moved to Tokyo. Aogu had rough time in Tokyo but at a same time, had enjoyed wild living. After having enough, Aogu returned to Kagawa when he was 18. Soon later he met his future wife, Chisato, and two years later they got married. Although they had had a good marriage life, Aogu, at that time a truck driver, all of a sudden decided to go to Philippines to study English ... to concur the world. Needless to say, one-year study abroad in Philippines was not enough to "concur the world", Aogu moved to the Great Britain, where he eventually reunited with God.

Aogu graduated from Manchester University, and completed Master's degree in University of Wales. Now Aogu serves as a founding senior pastor at Ealing Christian Centre Japanese Fellowship, where Aogu and his wife Chisato had started six years ago. Aogu and Chisato have 11-year old daughter and 5-year old son.

Message to ec14 attendees:

Very excited about ec14. Look forward having fellowship with you all ... at spa pool.

Akiya Shimomura


Born in Osaka. Akiya's father is Chinese and mother is Japanese. While studying abroad in Beijing during college, Akiya had received influences from the leaders of underground church, and started attending church after returning to Japan. A year later, Akiya became a champion of Inter-College Aikido competition. Due to the victory his arrogance had been at the highest peak, and that was when God revealed the true meaning of Life, which led Akiya to baptism. After college, Akiya had worked in Itochu for 23 years and consumer goods industry for 8 years. And this April, Akiya put an end to his 31-year of working career, and together with his wife, started attending Seikei Seminary. Now Akiya at 54 years of age and has become a freshman again!

Akiya also graduated from evening class of JTJ Mission Seminary in 2011, and until this spring, he had led a business people focused ministry called "Ichigetsu Kai" once a month at Ochanomizu Christian Center.

Akiya and his wife have three daughters.

Message to ec14 attendees:

EC is a great place to meet people including reuniting with good old friends and making new ones. And most importantly let us build a new relationship with the Lord, our dearest friend of all!