ec14 Workshop/Seminar Audio


ec14 workshops are designed to focus on the participants’ growth as Christ followers. This year we prepared 32 workshops, providing opportunities to grow up as Christians, tailored to modern life and the issues that participants may face in the future. There are 8 interest categories in the workshops. Following are the symbols for each of the categories. Those symbols are also on the workshop descriptions, so we hope that it will help with narrowing down your choices when deciding which workshops you would like to attend.

 Returnees (SymbolRN)
Growing & Discipleship (Symbol:GD
Leadership (Symbol:LS
Mission (Symbol:MS
General (Symbol:GEN
English Speaker's Program (Symbol:ENG

Returnee Issue Seminars


Returnees (Symbol: RN)

If you or a close friend of yours are going back to Japan in the near future, or if you are the one to accept those who come back to Japan, these are the workshops for you. We provide opportunities to learn how you should prepare before going back to or visiting Japan, and what to expect in Japan. These workshops are filled with concrete examples and advice from speakers who live in Japan and those who accept and support returnees in Japan. 

Title Speaker Play 
Share God's Love with Your Family (Evangelizing to Your Family) Kiyomi Ikeda  {play}{/play} Download 
How to Handle Amulets, Fortune Teller, Religious Activities as a Christian Benkei Kagiwada  {play}{/play} Download

Growing & Discipleship (Symbol: GD)

Would you like to learn more about God, get close to Him or grow to serve His purpose? These are the workshops for YOU! What's the meaning of salvation? How did God design you for His purpose? What does God expect from you? God uses different opportunities and various methods and places to learn.

Title  Speaker Play
What is Mentoring? - Another Step of Faith in Depth! Mayumi Pohl  {play}{/play} Download 
Spiritual Formation: Lifestyle of Trusting God Kunitsugu Onishi  {play}{/play} Download
Bible 101 Sho Ichikawa  {play}{/play} Download
Devotion, Listening to God’s Voice, Reflection Yuichiro Inatomi  {play}{/play} Download
Find Your Spiritual Gift! - Understanding Yourself and How to Apply Yourself Wakako Minamoto  {play}{/play} Download

Leadership (Symbol: LS)

If there are people behind you when you turn around, or if you bring influence to those around you, you are a leader. We provide workshops to help you build relationships with others. They will be helpful for both those who are leading ministries and those who are thinking of starting a new ministry. 

Title Speaker Play
Let’s Start a Ministry! Yumi Shimada  {play}{/play} Download 
Time Management for Christians Haruhiko Hirayu  {play}{/play} Download

Mission (Symbol: MS)

It is God’s command to reach out to the world and spread the Gospel. How does God work all around the world? What does God expect of us? How about people who are already in mission work for God? God made us to serve His purpose to spread the Gospel to all of the people in the world and where you are placed. 

Title Speaker Play 
World Mission Eiji Osato  {play}{/play} Download 
Evangelizing Businessman Akiya Shimomura  {play}{/play} Download

General (Symbol: GEN)

These are workshops for more generalized learning. The topics we cover in this category are: dating, marriage, evolution and creationism, relationship building, mental health and so on. If you have special interest in certain topic that we cover, please join us in our workshops!

Title Speaker Play
When Helping Isn't Helping (English) Alexander Kreig  {play}{/play} Download 
Creationism and Evolution: Standpoint of a Christian Scientist Charles Chen  {play}{/play} Download 
Dealing with Depression Around Us (English) Alexander Kreig  {play}{/play} Download
Let's Grow through a Small Group! Hiromi Kakehashi  {play}{/play} Download
The Secret of Happiness and Longevity - Relationship with Your Parents Kaori Inafuku  {play}{/play} Download

English Speaker’s Program (Symbol: ENG)

For those who serve and pray for the growth of Japanese Christians and Japanese people, we've got effective training sessions for such outreach. If you are interested in spreading the Gospel to Japanese people, would like to help the growth of Japanese Christians, or are currently engaged in fellowship with Japanese people, these workshops are for you. These workshops are presented by men and women with many years of experience in reaching the Japanese for Christ. This will be a great opportunity to hear the real life experiences and advice from them! Bring your questions and an open mind and let's interact with these godly leaders.

Title Speaker  Play
Fruitful Friendship Andy Pearce  {play}{/play} Download
You Matter Hisashi "Tobi" Ishitobi  {play}{/play} Download

Returnee Issue Seminars

Title Speaker  Play
Returnee Seminar (People who will return to Japan eventually) Setsu Shimizu/Yuko Ozeki  {play}{/play} Download 
Sending out Seminar (Japanese): Let us send our brothers and sisters with prayers and trust! Machiko Saito  {play}{/play} Download
Stay in tune - prepare heart and walk within the community through the border (English) Izumi Araki  {play}{/play} Download